Issues: Education Update

Jan 15, 2011 by

Issues: Education Update

This week, Mitch Daniels delivered his 2011 State of the State address.  HYA was thrilled to see Governor Daniels devote so much of his time to education.  We agree that education is one of the most pressing concerns Indiana faces going into the 2011 session.  We look forward to taking part in the discussion about the future of our education system by continuing to give voice to the very youth who will be most affected by these reforms.  Yesterday we met with Representative Sheila Klinker (D – Lafayette) to discuss the direction of education policy in the state.  We look forward to meeting with other Senators and Representatives on the issue of primary and secondary education in the near future.

Similarly, we have begun to work in earnest on higher education policy.  All this week, the Statehouse has been holding hearings on the subject of higher education budgets.  HYA will continue to work with policy makers to ensure that any painful-but-necessary budget cuts do not come at a cost to Hoosier students. We hope to have representatives at future committee meetings and hearings on these issues.

In an effort to measure the potential impact of reducing the budget for higher education, some of our members at Purdue University have begun a study of how budgets affect professor quality and the academic experience of students.  Key components of this study include a scientific poll of professors, in-depth meetings with key department heads, and analyses of scholarship fund distribution. Findings will be shared with members of the General Assembly as well as the HYA membership at large.

Amidst all of our efforts in research and direct advocacy, HYA remains driven by a single desire: to ensure that Hoosier youth have a voice in the creation of policies that affect them most.

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